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Getting Down to the Roots of First-Party Fraud
DARPA Picks 7 Small Businesses for AI Cyber Challenge
Ransomware Talent Surges to Akira After LockBit's Demise
Advanced Tech Fuels Authoritarian Threats, US Intel Warns
Spanish High Court Upholds Temporary Worldcoin Ban
Chinese Cybercrime: Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor
Canada Sentences LockBit Hacker Mikhail Vasiliev to 4 Years
Schneider Electric and Mitsubishi Give Nozomi Networks $100M
Experts Say CISA's Software Attestation Form Lacks Key Parts
EU Parliament Approves the Artificial Intelligence Act
Hackers Hiding Keylogger, RAT Malware in SVG Image Files
Feds Launch Investigation Into Change Healthcare Attack
Ready to Do Business With Machine Customers?
Cryptohack Roundup: Crypto Losses Mount as Phishing Rages
As Attackers Refine Tactics, 'Speed Matters,' Experts Warn
Breach Roundup: US FCC Authorizes IoT Cybersecurity Label
UK Council's Vision: Set High Standards in Cybersecurity
Experts Say Chinese Safes Pose Risks to US National Security
Researchers Uncover Vulnerabilities in ChatGPT Plug-Ins
Zscaler Expands AI Security Capabilities by Acquiring Avalor
QNAP Systems Patches Critical Vulnerability
ISMG Editors: Inside the Politics of US Cybersecurity
Memory Safety by Design: How Emerging Hardware Blocks Bugs
Pressure Mounts on Meta to Scrap 'Pay or OK' Model in EU
AI-Led Edge Computing Spends to Reach $350B Soon
Pentagon Appoints New Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
Illicit Credentials Marketplace Admin Gets 42-Month Sentence
TMChecker Tool Lowers Barrier for Malicious Hacking
Know Your Business Context Before Trying Microsegmentation
AWS Snags Skyhigh's Gee Rittenhouse to Run Security Business
UK NCSC Publishes Guidance on Migrating SCADA to the Cloud
Cash-Strapped Women's Clinic Sues UnitedHealth Over Attack
IMF Investigating Cyber Incident Affecting Email Accounts
BigID Raises $60M, Eyes M&A Around Data Security, Compliance
Ransomware Hackers May Be Exploiting Aiohttp Library Bug
Erosion of Trust Most Concerning Threat to UK Elections
DHS Will Use AI to Investigate Sex Traffickers, Drug Dealers
After 70M Individuals' Data Leaks, AT&T Denies Being Source
Airbus Backtracks From Planned Atos Cybersecurity Takeover
Fake Firms Flourish as Fraudsters Focus on B2C Scams
Tracker Backtrack? Feds Revise HIPAA Guidance on Web Tools
US Expands Global Coalition on Commercial Spyware Misuse
Trend Micro Spots Possible iSoon Campaign
US SEC Charges Two Investment Advisers With AI Washing
Quantum Computing: A New Dawn for Encryption Vulnerabilities
Navigating the Nuances of Cloud Concentration Risks
Cybersecurity in the UK: Government Sees Improvements Slow
Tactics for Battling Attacks by Russia's Midnight Blizzard
US CISA Urges Preventative Actions Against Volt Typhoon
OnDemand | A Hacker's Guide to Ransomware Mitigation and Recovery
OnDemand | Lighting the Way to Readiness and Mitigation
OnDemand | CTOs on Security
Email Bomb Attacks: Filling Up Inboxes and Servers Near You
US Sanctions 'Key Actors' in Russian Disinformation Campaign
US House Passes Bill Curbing Data Sales to Foreign Foes
Experts Warn of Cyber Risk Due to Rapid AI Tool Evolution
Water Sector Lacks Support to Meet White House Cyber Demands
Breach Roundup: Flipper Pushes Back on Proposed Canada Ban
Proof of Concept: Opening Up the AI 'Black Box'
Synopsys Greenlights Sale of $525M Application Security Unit
Revenue Cycle Firm Settles GitHub PHI Breach Lawsuit for $7M
Denial-of-Service Attack Could Put Servers in Perpetual Loop
Skyhigh Brings on Cloudera, Splunk Vet Vishal Rao as New CEO
Cryptohack Roundup: Ray Eviscerates Bankman-Fried
UN Adopts US-Led International AI Safety Resolution
AI Is Making Payment Fraud Better, Faster and Easier
UK Official: AI in Defense Sector Is Not About Killer Robots
Apple Sued for Prioritizing Market Dominance Over Security
ISMG Editors: How Will the Quantum Era Reshape Cybersecurity?
Biden's Economic Team Warns of AI Risks and Job Displacement
Likely Chinese Hacking Contractor Is Quick to Exploit N-Days
Nursing Home Declares Bankruptcy, Blames Recent Cyberattacks
GitLab Acquires Oxeye to Bolster SAST in DevSecOps Workflow
Russian Nation-State Hacker Targets German Political Parties
Iranian TA450 Group Tries Out New Tactics on Israelis
Why Endpoint Security Tools Are Still Such a Challenge
US Indicts Accused APT31 Chinese Hackers for Hire
Data Protection Fines: UK Privacy Watchdog Updates Guidance
UK Discloses Chinese Espionage Activities
Report Urges Congress to Form an Armed Cyber Military Branch
Hospitals Lobby Feds to Clarify Breach Duties in UHG Attack
European Commission to Investigate Meta Subscription Model
Alert: Hackers Hit High-Risk Individuals' Personal Accounts
Feds Wave Sticks & Carrots at Health Sector to Bolster Cyber
Anand Oswal on How Talon's Browser Tech Boosts Cyber Defense
iSoon Leak Shows Links to Chinese APT Groups
AI Opens Fraud Detection Gap, Says US Treasury
NTIA Pushes for Independent Audits of AI Systems
On the Increase: Zero-Days Being Exploited in the Wild
CISA Seeks Public Input on Cyber Incident Reporting Rules
Change Healthcare Wake-Up Call: Is Sector Too Codependent?
Tycoon 2FA - The Criminals' Favorite Platform for MFA Theft
Hackers Developing Malicious LLMs After WormGPT Falls Flat
UnitedHealth Admits Patient Data Was 'Taken' in Mega Attack
Cryptohack Roundup: Sam Bankman-Fried Gets 25-Year Sentence
Breach Roundup: Russian Organizations Losing Microsoft Cloud
Federal Elections Commission Considers Regulating AI
From Despair to Disruption: Zafran Takes on Cyber Mitigation
Alphabet's Plans to Fight Election Misinformation With Jigsaw
UK Nuclear Cleanup Site Faces Criminal Cybersecurity Charges
ISMG Editors: Apple's Antitrust Showdown With the Feds
Feds Warn of Credential Harvesting Threats in Healthcare
Malware Flood Causes PyPI to Temporarily Halt New Accounts
ShadowRay Attack Strikes AI Workloads
DHS Calls Political Campaigns 'Ripe Target' for Cyberattacks
Leaked Dataset Belongs to AT&T Current and Former Customers
The Rising Threat of Fake Business Accounts
Backdoor Found and Defused in Widely Used Linux Utility XZ
Feds Tackling Information Security in Government Procurement
Netskope CEO on What Platformization Means for Cybersecurity
Biden, Xi Discuss Key Security Concerns in Bilateral Call
How AI Helps Assess Credit Risk, Navigate Complex Processes
Feds Ask Telcos: How Are You Combating Location Tracking?
Judge Certifies 'Contract Class' in CareFirst Breach Lawsuit
Google to Delete Incognito Search Data to Seal Lawsuit Deal
Poor Cloud Controls at HHS Put Families, Children at Risk
Rubrik IPO Filing Reveals Sales Acceleration, Growing Losses
Hackers Update Vultur Banking Malware With Remote Controls
Sam Altman Out as OpenAI Startup Fund Owner
Report Slams Microsoft for Security Blunders in Chinese Hack
After Ransomware Hits, County Declares State of Emergency
Feds Hit 2 Nursing Home Firms With 'Right of Access' Fines
Veracode Promotes Brian Roche to CEO, Buys Longbow Security
US and UK Partner to Align on AI Safety and Share Resources
US State Department Investigating Hacking Claims
Google Proposes Method for Stopping Multifactor Runaround
GDPR: Business Constraint or Opportunity?
DevSecOps: The New Imperative for Software Security
Mitigating the Risk Chain in the Decentralized Web
'Many-Shot Jailbreaking' Defeats Gen AI Security Guardrails
Cryptohack Roundup: Thieves Steal Money, Seek Praise
Health Data Thefts Keep Coming; Millions Affected in 2024
New Rules for Shipbuilding Focus on IT/OT Cybersecurity
DOE Looks to Universities to Fix Energy Sector Cybersecurity
Breach Roundup: Omni Hotels Acknowledges Cyber Incident
Microsoft, Okta, CyberArk Lead Workforce Identity Rankings
Phishing Attacks Targeting Political Parties, Germany Warns
Google Fixes Two Pixel Zero-Days Exploited by Forensic Firms
China Is Using AI to Influence Elections, Microsoft Warns
ISMG Editors: Breaking Down OT Cybersecurity Challenges
Filipino Hacktivists Destroy Technology Agency Servers
Change Healthcare Attack: Recovery Woes; Lawsuits Pile Up
Hackers Can Use AI Hallucinations to Spread Malware
Sophisticated Latrodectus Malware Linked to 2017 Strain
Cloudflare Enters Observability Space With Baselime Purchase
Vietnamese Threat Actor Targeting Financial Data Across Asia
Police Probe Honeytrap Sexting Scam Targeting British MPs
Israel's 8200 Alumni Association: A Cybersecurity Incubator
RSA Conference 2024 Preview: 'The Art of Possible'
A Second Gang Shakes Down UnitedHealth Group for Ransom
Open-Source Foundations Join Forces on Digital Supply Chain
What Cisco's Purchase of Splunk Means for Cybersecurity, AI
US EPA Investigates Alleged Data Breach by Government Hacker
Hugging Face Vulnerabilities Highlight AI-as-a-Service Risks
Meta Will Label AI-Generated Content Starting in May
Aged D-Link NAS Devices Are Being Exploited by Hackers
Firm Says Medicare Info Obtained From DOJ Breached in Attack
Cyera Gets $300M at $1.4B Valuation to Fuel Safe AI Adoption
US Bipartisan Privacy Bill Contains Cybersecurity Mandates
Russia Tops Global Cybercrime Index, New Study Reveals
Should We Just Accept the Lies We Get From AI Chatbots?
Silent Surge: The Sudden Rise in Synthetic Business Fraud
Nearly 534,000 Affected in Data Theft at Managed Care Org
US CISA Aims to Expand Automated Malware Analysis Support
Cybercrime Group Uses Likely AI Script to Load Info Stealer
Wiz Buys Startup Gem Security for $350M to Spot Cloud Issues
Half of UK Firms, Charities Failed to Report Cyber Incidents
Cryptohack Roundup: Google Sues Alleged Crypto App Crooks
CISA Warns Russian Microsoft Hackers Targeted Federal Emails
Breach Roundup: Sisense Supply Chain Attack
Change Healthcare Attack 'Devastating' to Doc Practices
Zscaler Buys Airgap Networks to Fuel Segmentation in IoT, OT
Raspberry Robin Morphs, Now Spreads via Windows Script Files
FBI Calls for Increased Funding to Counter Cyberthreats
ISMG Editors: Unpacking the Change Healthcare Attack Saga
American Privacy Rights Bill: Implications for Health Sector
Cloned Voice Tech Is Coming for Bank Accounts
US Cyber Command Expanded 'Hunt Forward' Operations in 2023
PE Firm Accuses Synopsys of Breaching Exclusivity Agreement
UK Markets Authority Warns of AI Market Capture by Big Tech
Zero Trust Adoption: Where Are Enterprises Today?
Commvault Buys Appranix to Make Ransomware Recovery Quicker
New Foundation Sees Mental Health Tied to Cyber Resilience
Sam Bankman-Fried, Fraud and the Future of Crypto
Law Firm to Pay $8M to Settle Health Data Hack Lawsuit
Sisense Breach Highlights Rise in Major Supply Chain Attacks
FTC Bans Online Mental Health Firm From Sharing Certain Data
Likely State Hackers Exploiting Palo Alto Firewall Zero-Day
After XZ Utils, More Open-Source Maintainers Under Attack
College Students Help Boost Cybersecurity With Free Clinics
New Tool Aims to Simplify and Streamline SBOM Adoption
Steganography Campaign Targets Global Enterprises
Congress Asks What Went Wrong in Change Healthcare Attack
Windows 11 Adoption Is Slow Despite Windows 10 Security Risk
As NSA Pushes for Microsegmentation, Will Others Follow?
Free Ransomware: LockBit Knockoffs and Imposters Proliferate
Exploited TP-Link Vulnerability Spawns Botnet Threats
Key Lawmaker Heralds 'Landmark' Draft Federal Privacy Bill
Hack on Clinic Serving Homeless Is Latest Hit to Underserved
Armis Buys Cyber Remediation Startup Silk Security for $150M
Possible Chinese Hackers Use OpenMetadata to Cryptomine
EU Data Regulator Threatens Meta's 'Pay or Okay' Model
Company Says Change Healthcare Hackers Stole Sensitive Data
Cryptohack Roundup: First Conviction in Smart Contract Hack
Jury Dishes Out Guilty Verdict in Mango Markets Fraud Case
Dark Web Sales Driving Major Rise in Credential Attacks
Hacking the Floodgates: US Dams Face Growing Cyber Threats
Breach Roundup: LabHost Phishing-as-a-Service Site Goes Down
Novel Android Malware Targets South Korean Banking Users
Rising Ransomware Issue: English-Speaking Western Affiliates
ISMG Editors: Global Fallout From Leaked LockBit Ransomware
Suspected Attack Shuts Down US Blood Plasma Donation Centers
FIN7 Targeted US Automotive Giant In Failed Attack
Mitre Says Hackers Breached Unclassified R&D Network
CEO Andre Durand on Why Ping, ForgeRock Are Better Together
Hacker Threatens to Expose Sensitive World-Check Database
UK ICO Weighs Role of 'Accuracy' in Generative AI
Can Generative AI Help With Quicker Threat Detection?
7 Tips for Complying With Healthcare Fraud Regulations
Multifactor Authentication Bypass Attacks: Top Defenses
Olympians Tout AI in Sports
Feds Issue Guide for Change Health Breach Reporting Duties
Study: GPT-4 Agent Can Exploit Unpatched Vulnerabilities
HHS Beefs Up Privacy Protection for Reproductive Health Info
Report: Russian Hackers Targeting Ukrainian Soldiers on Apps
State Hackers' New Frontier: Network Edge Devices
Change Health Attack: Details Emerge; Breach Will Top Record
US Pressures Iran Over Phishing Campaign Against Feds
KnowBe4 Buys Egress to Aid Awareness Training, Email Defense
Russian Hackers Exploiting Windows Print Spooler Vuln
Ukrainian Energy Sector Under Cyber Siege by Russian Hackers
Tines Raises $50M to Boost Enterprise-Focused AI Technology
AI Voice Cloning Pushes 91% of Banks to Rethink Verification
AI Is Sexist, Racist and Homophobic
Cisco Fixes Firewall 0-Days After Likely Nation-State Hack to Test Facial Recognition Under New Leadership
ThreatLocker Gets $115M to Fuel Zero Trust Defense, Eyes IPO
Researcher Strips ROM for Binary Code
The Peril of Badly Secured Network Edge Devices
Nagomi Exits Stealth With $30M to Help Manage Security Risks
Breach Roundup: Cloud Error Reveals DPRK Sanctions Busting
Cryptohack Roundup: Samourai Mixer Takedown
Judge Advises Dismissal of CommonSpirit Breach Lawsuit
Kaiser Permanente Notifying 13.4 Million of Tracker Breach
Microsoft Questioned by German Lawmakers About Russian Hack
AI Summit: Fortifying Cyber Defense Amid Privacy Challenges
Health Analytics Firm Reports Breach Affecting 1.1 Million
Thoma Bravo to Buy Cybersecurity AI Firm Darktrace for $5.3B
Tech Titans, AI Leaders Join New Federal AI Security Board
State AGs, Industry Groups Urge Action in Change Health Saga
Strengthening Asset Management, Security in Rail Transport
Rubrik Execs on How Going Public Will Drive More Innovation
FTC Finalizes Health Breach Notification Rule Update
Microsoft Releases New-Open Source Tool for OT Security
Are Enterprises Overconfident About Cybersecurity Readiness?
Secure by Design: UK Enforces IoT Device Cybersecurity Rules
French Government Bids on Atos' Cyber and Computing Assets
Pyongyang Hackers Deploy Backdoors Via Fake Job Interviews
Forescout CEO on Navigating OT, IoT Threats in Cybersecurity
FCC Fines US Cell Carriers $200M for Selling Location Data
Former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Sentenced to Four Months
Finnish Hacker Kivimaki Found Guilty in Vastaamo Hack
New Payment Rails to Rely on RFP for More Security
UnitedHealth CEO: Paying Ransom Was 'Hardest Decision' Ever
Tracking Data Breaches: Targeting of Vulnerabilities Surges
Verizon Breach Report: Vulnerability Hacks Tripled in 2023
Patched Deserialization Flaw in Siemens Product Allows RCE
DHS: AI-Enhanced Nuclear and Chemical Threats Are Risk to US
Island Gets $175M Series D Funding, Doubles Valuation to $3B
Lawmakers Grill UnitedHealth CEO on Change Healthcare Attack
Verizon DBIR: Cyber Defenders Are Facing Exploit Fatigue
GitLab Hackers Use 'Forgot Your Password' to Hijack Accounts
Corelight Gets $150M to Expand Detection, Improve Workflows
US and Allies Issue Cyber Alert on Threats to OT Systems
Managed Service Provider Denies Being Source of Breach
Cryptohack Roundup: Geosyn Fraud Lawsuit
Veracode CEO on Mastering Application Security in the AI Era
Experts Say White House Memo Overlooks Space Cyber Risks
Breach Roundup: REvil Hacker Gets Nearly 14-Year Sentence
Permira Takes Majority Stake in BioCatch at $1.3B Valuation
Rehab Hospital Chain Hack Affects 101,000; Facing 6 Lawsuits
Critical Flaw in R Language Poses Supply Chain Risk
Russian GRU Hackers Compromised German, Czech Targets
New Botnet 'Goldoon' Targets D-Link Devices
ISMG Editors: RSA Conference 2024 Preview
New Report Exposes Iranian Hacking Group's Media Masquerade
How Intel 471's Buy of Cyborg Is Reshaping Threat Hunting
NIST CSF 2.0 and the State of Cybersecurity
Outrunning the Bear: Cybersecurity in the AI Era
Why Cyberthreats in Ad Tech Mirror Traditional Enterprises
Critical Infrastructure Under Cyber Siege: How to Respond
Platform or Point Solutions? AI May Be Tipping the Scales
Next-Generation Identity Platforms to See Sizeable Adoption
Enterprise Cyber Risk: Overcoming the Issue of Siloed Tools
AI, Disinformation and Vendor Consolidation
The Crossroads of AI and Application Security
Don't Silo Cyber Risk to CISOs, Says Former Financial CISO
AI-Driven Cyberthreats and Remote Work Challenges
The Shift to Continuous AI Model Security and Pen Testing
The Growing Threat of Advanced Ransomware Attacks
Combating Pig Butchering Scams With a Unified Approach
Integrating AI Into Cybersecurity Systems
State of Security: Are We Moving Forward or Standing Still?
Preparing the Cyber Workforce of the Future
CyberEdBoard Profiles in Leadership: Vaughn Hazen
Advanced Tech Drives Dutch Police's Cybercrime Crackdown
The Dual Role of AI in Cybersecurity
Assess the Security of Code in All Supply Chain Components
CyberEdBoard Talks: Implementing Federal Cyber Mandates
Applying Human Risk Management for Better Security Awareness
AI and Cybersecurity: Transforming Digital Defense
Supercharge Security With AI
CyberEdBoard Talks: Balancing Security and Compliance
CyberEdBoard Profiles in Leadership: Joe Sullivan
Revamping Cybersecurity: Innovative Approaches by Startups
82% Leaders Find It Essential to Secure AI; Only 24% Do It
Facing the Complexity of Unified Identity, Third-Party Risk
Insider Risk in the Generative AI Era
Safeguarding the Internet With 'Common Good Cyber' Initiative
How Investors Boost Cybersecurity Across Portfolio Companies
Inside KnowBe4's Acquisition of Egress
Women in Cybersecurity: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Challenges in Adopting Post-Quantum Cryptography
Going All-In With AI at Zscaler to Raise the Bar in Cyber
Securing Attack Surfaces With Cyber-Aware Machine Learning
The Challenges in Protecting Healthcare Data, Resiliency
Cybersecurity Integration a Must, Post-M&A Imperative
Transform Traditional Security Models With AI-Integrated SOC
Effective Operational Technology Security? Embrace Response
Securing AI's Role in Modern Business
Top CISO Gen AI Challenges: Employee Use, Red Team Testing
Cybersecurity Startup Ecosystem: A VC's Perspective
CISA Wants Everyday Americans to Help 'Secure Our World'
How Automation Can Help Address Growing Network Demands
Managed Security Service Provider Needs in the SMB Market
What Are the Barriers to Fraud and Cyber Team Integration?
Rising Cybersecurity Threats: Focus on Identity Protection
Can Browser-Native Security Stop Web Attacks?
Maximizing ROI Through Strategic Cybersecurity Investments
Rethinking Cybersecurity Investment Amid Rising Threats
LevelBlue Leverages AI for Threat Intel Following AT&T Split
Cyber and Financial Crime, Through the FBI Lens
AI Bias: The Emerging Threat to Sound Business Decisions
The Need to Embed AI in Cybersecurity Frameworks
Future-Proofing Cybersecurity With Data-Centric Approaches
The AI Standoff: Attackers Versus Defenders
The Role of AI in Cloud Application Security
The Convergence of Policy and Technology in Cybersecurity
The OT Security Revolution and the Need for Robust Defenses
AI and Passwordless Systems: The New Era in Cybersecurity
AI in Cybersecurity Investing: Opportunities and Risks
Operation Cronos Again Threatens to Reveal LockBitSupp
The Cyber Risks for Businesses in an Election Year
Microsoft Overhauls Security Practices After Major Breaches
ISMG Editors: Opening Day Overview of RSA Conference 2024
LockBitSupp's Identity Revealed: Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev
Boosting US Tech Leadership: Antony Blinken's Agenda at RSAC
How HHS OCR Is Boosting HIPAA Enforcement; Here Come Audits
CyberEdBoard Profiles in Leadership: Nicole Darden Ford
Suspected Chinese Hackers Hacked UK Defense Contractor
Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Kansas City Systems
ISMG Editors: Day 1 Highlights at RSA Conference 2024
Report: US Cybersecurity Makes Major Gains Amid New Threats
Hacking of DocGo Ambulance Service Exposes Patient Data
CISA Directors Talk Geopolitical Threats, Election Security
Report: Undetectable Threats Found in F5's Central Manager
ISMG Editors: Day 2 Highlights at RSA Conference 2024
Synthetic ID Fraud Rises 98% in Auto Lending Industry
Breach Roundup: LockBit Claims Wichita Attack
Technology Giants Join CISA's Secure by Design Pledge
Ascension Responding to Cyberattack Affecting Clinical Care
Cryptohack Roundup: BTC-e's Alex Vinnik Pleads Guilty
ISMG Editors: Day 3 Highlights at RSA Conference 2024
Cloud Computing Is Evolving - With a Little Help From AI
Ascension Diverts Emergency Patients, Postpones Care
Hackers Steal Credit Card Data of Deal-Seeking Shoppers
ISMG Editors: RSA Conference 2024 Wrap-Up
Human Risk Crisis: 8% of Employees Cause 80% of Incidents
Cyber Insurers Embrace Cloud Metrics, Prepare for AI Impact
Defenders' Dilemma: Can AI Bolster Cyber Resilience?
Not Just MOVEit: 2023 Was a Banner Year for Zero-Days
Feds, Groups Warn Health Sector of Black Basta Threats
FortiGuard Labs Global Threat Landscape Report: The Latest
Experts Warn the NVD Backlog Is Reaching a Breaking Point
Cyber Insurers Pledge to Help Reduce Ransom Payments
SMBs Face Growing Threat of Triangulation Fraud
Securing APIs: Akamai's Acquisition Strategy
AI Is an Expert Liar
How AI Is Reshaping the Startup Landscape in Cybersecurity
Elevating Application Security With AI Insights
Tornado Cash Developer Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison
How AI Is Transforming Cybersecurity Models and Practices
UK, US Officials Warn About Chinese Cyberthreat
AI, AI, AI: Opportunities, Implementations and an AISIRT
Governance, Privacy and Ethics in the Age of AI
Impact of Ascension's Cyberattack IT Outage Varies by Region
Growing Influence of Hyperscalers in Cybersecurity Markets
Microsoft Patches Zero-Day Exploited by Qakbot
Using AI at Scale Makes Data an Even More Critical Asset
Building Better Security Operations Centers With AI/ML
Human-Powered Security in the Era of Rapid Automation
Transforming Your Cyber Defense Strategies With AI
AI and IoT Synergy for Enhancing Cybersecurity
How Integrated Security Platforms Are Redefining Defense
A Human-Centric Security Approach, Supported by AI
Enhancing Code Security With the Developer Trust Score
The Role of Automation, Mini Platforms and Cyber Investments
Threat Versus Risk: Rethinking Cybersecurity Fundamentals
CyberEdBoard Profiles in Leadership: Tiauna Ross
FBI Seizes Criminal Site BreachForums
RSAC Cryptographers' Panel Tackles AI, Post-Quantum, Privacy
UK NCSC Launches New Hacking Alert System for Politicians
Report: 11 Vulnerabilities Found in GE Ultrasound Devices
EU and US Advance Bilateral Talks on AI, Cybersecurity
SIEM Stalwart LogRhythm to Merge With Exabeam
Bipartisan Senators Endorse $32M Annually for AI Research
Companies Adopting Automation See 95% Boost in Some Metrics
Outsmarting Adversaries: Using AI for Security
How to Prevent Attacks that Bypass MFA
Identity Systems: Attackers' Keys to the Kingdom
CyberEdBoard Profiles in Leadership: Alexander Antukh
SEC Regulations Demand Greater Transparency in OT Security
Network Security in the Era of Cloud and AI
The Rise of Memory-Safe Languages in Secure Development
Breach Roundup: Kimsuky Serves Linux Trojan
White House Unveils AI Safety Framework for US Workers
Judge Denies Class Certification in Blackbaud Hack Lawsuit
US FBI Busts North Korean IT Worker Employment Scams
Cryptohack Roundup: Thieves Steal $45M; Hacker Returns $71M
Australia Investigating Large-Scale Medical Billing Hack
Palo Alto to Acquire IBM QRadar SIEM Business
UK Government Publishes AI Cybersecurity Guidance
Using AI in City Services: The Privacy Conundrum
AI Will Give You an Answer, But It May Be Completely Wrong
Top US Cyber Defense Official Eric Goldstein to Step Down
Hackers Target US AI Experts With Customized RAT
Health Plan Services Firm Notifying 2.4 Million of PHI Theft
US SEC Approves Wall Street Data Breach Reporting Regs
ISMG Editors: Why Synthetic ID Fraud Is on the Rise
CyberArk to Secure Machine Identities with $1.54B Venafi Buy
Grandoreiro Banking Trojan Reappears After January Takedown
Intel's Max Severity Flaw Affects AI Model Compressor Users
APT Hacks and AI-Altered Leaks Pose Biggest Election Threats
Feds Say $100M Dark Web Drug Kingpin Arrested at JFK Airport
HHS Funds $50M to Spot, Patch Hospital Vulnerabilities
HHS Warns Health Sector of Business Email Compromise Scams
FCC Targets BGP Vulnerabilities with New Security Mandates
Nikesh Arora on Why Palo Alto Networks Is Buying IBM QRadar
Fortifying Cyber Resilience in Manufacturing
Kevin Mandia Exits Mandiant CEO Role After Google Purchase
100 Groups Urge Feds to Put UHG on Hook for Breach Notices
Google Urges Feds to Ditch Microsoft Over Security Concerns
CISA: NextGen Healthcare Flaw Still Exploited After 7 Months
Snapchat Revises AI Privacy Policy Following UK ICO Probe